All about You – Special spring edition. Photo report.

A wonderful day for more than a hundred women at the "All About You" intensive course from the School of Women's Health! Find yourself in the photos, get inspired and be healthy!

On March 8, 2020, my author’s intensive “All About You – Special spring edition” took place, where we analyzed important aspects of physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health of women. The program was intense. We prepared many gifts for the participants, raffles, delicious treats and an airy photo zone.

I am delighted that 100+ Women made a great choice on their holiday and spent this day with me and among conscious women who love and value life.

Thanks to every woman who filled our meeting with her smile and desire to change the stereotypes that prevent women from being happy and healthy.

All about You – photo gallery from the event

Be inspired, remember your positive emotions and share the inspiration you get on your social media.

And let the panic called COVID-19 shatter our love for life and our intention to be healthy and happy!

And you can get all the useful information about yourself and your body in my course All About You. What it’s like to be a woman. The essentials about your physical, sexual, reproductive, and mental health in a convenient online format. Women in the modern world face a huge number of challenges. Often, we don’t even have time to think about our needs, especially in these difficult times.

In my course about the female body and its features, about intimate relationships and a beloved man, about hair and hormones, I emphasized preventive medicine. After all, preventing problems is easier than solving them.

And in my course All About You 35+, you will learn about what is happening to your body, how to keep it healthy and be active at any age.

To help the parents of a teenage girl, I developed the course Growing up together – a girl becomes a woman. This is a real guide for parents of girls to understand the changes that are happening to their daughter. You’ll how to live through this period safely and as painlessly as possible for all participants in the process. After all, the age of menarche is difficult for everyone. For a girl who no longer feels like a child, and for parents who suddenly see a teenager who is as prickly as a hedgehog.

I’m eager to file all of these courses in English, just send me a request to dr.silinaeducation@gmail.com.

With wishes of love and health, your Natalia Silina 💗

Remember, a happy woman is healthy and educated!


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