Doctor gynecologist-endocrinologist

Natalya Silina

Dear Woman, for more than 18 years, I prevent and treat endocrine and reproductive diseases of women from 0 to 100+. My daily practice includes modern anti-aging techniques.

A happy Woman is healthy and educated

A Woman and her health are my main motivation. The level of happiness directly depends on your health and awareness of processes in your body. That is why “Happy Woman is healthy and educated” became my personal motto and the motto of my School of Women’s Health.

A Woman in a first place – leading global trends for your health

Over the years of practice, I have met more than 50,000 female patients, each with her own story. These are stories of disappointment, stories of losses, which later turned into stories of victories: the birth of children, relief from chronic pain and hormonal failures. Therefore, I can confidently state that I have a vast and unique experience in the field of women’s health and sexuale education.

Every day in my Medical Center “Lior as a gynecologist-endocrinologist, I help women at various stages of their lives to become healthier, and therefore happier. Each event organized by the School of Women’s Health Dr.Silina

highlights an actual women’s problem and gives practical recommendations for solving it. So that every woman: my patient, seminar participant, subscriber – receives knowledge about the most modern achievements in the field of women’s health, I regularly attend international educational programs and constantly improve my qualifications.

I study so that every woman receives the best recommendations

I believe that a happy woman is healthy and educated, so welcome to my School of Women’s Health!

Favorite places

Colorful cities with their own character and traditions (Amsterdam, London, Kyiv, Rome, Barcelona).

I recommend Tate Modern, Barcelona CosmoCaixa Science Museum and Planetarium, Van Gogh Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art as a must-visit with your children.