School of Women's Health Dr. Silina

The school was founded as an answer to numerous questions that I, as a gynecologist-endocrinologist, heard during my daily practice for more than 17 years.

Almost 50,000 of my patients either did not understand what was happening in the female body at all, or had serious gaps in their knowledge. At the same time, it has been scientifically proven that a woman’s health is directly proportional to her level of awareness of physiological processes in her own body, the influence of emotions on the hormonal system, age changes, pregnancy, lactation, menopause and other features of each period – from a girl to an adult woman.

In order to raise this awareness, I founded the School of Women’s Health.

Our team works every day to make you feel confident, healthy and happy!

The goals of the School of Women's Health are:

A woman has the right to a happy and fulfilling life at any age! And awareness of your body is the main key to this.

The school is

Школа геніколог ендокринолог Наталя Сіліна

Original Courses

All about your health at different stages of life, about pregnancy and baby care, as well as about sexual pleasure

Школа Гінеколог-ендокринолог, акушер-гінеколог інтервʼю події события events


Online and offline events on topical issues of female physiology, pregnancy and sex education

жіночого здоров'я Школа women's health


Experienced medical authors revealing the secrets of the processes in a woman's body professionally and simply

Школа Засновниця школи жіночого здоровʼя Наталя Сіліна

Youtube channel

Women's problems without taboos and practical recommendations for their elimination


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The School of Women’s Health is about love and care for every Woman.

Our motto

A happy woman is healthy and educated!

Join in!