Welcome to Natalia Silina's
school of women's health!

I am Natalia Silina. For over 17 years as a practicing gynecologist-endocrinologist I have been taking care of women`s health from 0 to 100+.

женского здоровья жіночого здоровʼя women's health
Welcome to the portal, containing all you need to know about women's health

Here you will find everything about physical and mental health, body care at all stages of life, contraception, female orgasm and pleasure, pregnancy and motherhood, sex education, first sex, basic intimate hygiene and physiology. I also talk about certain aspects of a man’s health that directly affect you.

Every woman who wants to be happy should know these things, that is why the motto of my School is: A happy woman is healthy and educated

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There are no inconvenient or taboo topics for me and my School. In my original Courses, in the Blog, which is a real knowledge base, at online and offline Events, on Facebook and Instagram pages, on the Youtube channel, I debunk myths and provide scientifically proven information in an accessible and honest way.

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