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Засновані на науково перевірених даних матеріали про здоровʼя жінки від віку менархе до менопаузи, про вагітність, пологи, материнство, здоровʼя коханого чоловіка й сексуальну освіту для підлітків.

More than two hundred strains, the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world and possible oncological complications – all this is about the human papillomavirus.

Polyps are clusters of cells that form in different parts of our body. In this article from the School of Women's Health Encyclopedia, we will look at endometrial and cervical polyps, which are found only in the woman's body.

Endometriosis is a disorder that affects approximately 10% of women of reproductive age. It is one of the most common reasons for women to visit a gynecologist. The new material of the Encyclopedia of the School of Women's Health is about one of the most mysterious diseases.

Aging is a set of changes in our body, and it's not just about wrinkles. However, they are the most upsetting, and here medicine, cosmetology and pharmacology compete, offering various options for skin rejuvenation. How to choose an effective and safe one – in the new material.

You've been strong for a long time, but at some point you realized that life had finally lost its meaning. The reasons may be different, but if you feel like you have lost your ground, it's time to take care of yourself.

Pregnancy is a beautiful period in a woman's life. But it can be accompanied by conditions that threaten the life and health of both the mother and the child. Therefore, each of us needs to know and recognize them to seek medical help in time.

Hormones control everything in your body, some of them only female organs produce. Our reproductive health completely depends on them! That is why an endocrinologist – a specialist in the endocrine system – is really in need for us, ladies. Read the new text about your sex hormones.

Menstruation is one of the most important processes in a woman's body. It's like a clock which can help you to check your reproductive health and make sure that everything is normal, or vice versa, immediately see the problem.