Why does menstruation disappear during the war?

Nobody prepared the modern Ukrainian woman for war. But nature has certain protective mechanisms aimed at preserving the life of an adult woman. Is the disappearance of menstruation or its delay a natural protection or a signal of a serious violation of a woman's health? Read on and spread it among other Women!

Natalia Silina

Menstruation is the result of a complex reproductive process in the female body called ovulation. It is not surprising that extreme conditions such as war can alter the cycle or even cause amenorrhea, the absence of menstruation.

Why menstruation disappears

In world history, doctors have repeatedly noticed that during the war, women’s menstrual function stopped. The reason for this is the enormous stress that the body is trying to fight, and its main goal is to save the life of a woman. 

The main role is played by psychological stress and anxiety, but do not forget about physical and nutritional stress. Physical overload, lack of quality sleep and nutrition can also affect the development of amenorrhea (absence of menstruation). How does it happen?

Stress is a signal to the body to adapt, and in response adrenaline and cortisol are released.

Under normal circumstances, we manage to cope with new conditions and the brain rewards us with dopamine for successful work and a good reaction. However, if too much cortisol is released or the reaction is delayed for a long period of time and the cause of stress cannot be eliminated, the so-called distress occurs. At this point, the brain stops giving a signal to the ovaries to produce “female hormones” and postpones the possibility of getting pregnant for a better or safer time.

Місячні, менструація під час війни менструация menstruation
Stress can cause amenorrhea for a while

I want to note that each organism is unique and can react differently to stress. Someone may start bloody discharge, someone’s menstruation will become irregular or stop, and someone will not have any changes – it is individual. However, estrogen and progesterone are necessary not only for pregnancy, but also play an important role in a woman’s body. These hormones are needed to stabilize mood, and for the health of the cardiovascular system and bones.

Suppose that menstruation stops or becomes irregular for up to 3 months. But the longer the amenorrhea lasts, the harder it is to restore the menstrual cycle, because the uterus becomes immune.

How to help yourself to restore periods

Foremost, it is crucial to find an affordable way to reduce stress levels with help:

  • good sleep
  • art and fun
  • self-massage of the neck and collar zone
  • enough food
  • moderate physical activity or breathing exercises

If you can not improve your condition on your own – consult a doctor, there are also psychological support services. Take care of yourself and your health.

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