Hygiene before and after sex

Passion is great, but intimate hygiene is important and necessary. Then you and your partner will have truly pure pleasure!

Natalia Silina

Hygiene is one of the basic things in such a close type of contact as sex. However, genital hygiene has its own peculiarities. Below is a detailed look at how to prepare your body for intimacy.

Sexual hygiene: basic principles

Preparing for sex is not just about the intimate area. A clean body and pleasant breath, no pungent perfume – all this helps to focus on pleasure. I’m not talking about your own body odor, which is a turn-on, just a clean body.

If you use spermicidal creams/inserts/vaginal pills for contraception, you should not wash your vulva and penis with soap (even intimate soap) 2 hours before and 2 hours after intercourse. The reason is that this destroys the active ingredient and reduces the contraceptive effect of the spermicide. Rinsing the external genitals and the penis with warm water, pushing back the foreskin, is enough.

Hygiene that will definitely hurt

There is a category of women and men who do not use condoms. Instead, immediately after sex, they wash their penis and irrigate the vagina with antiseptics, such as myramistin, cyteal, and chlorhexidine. How do these products do harm?

  • Disrupt the ratio of good and conditionally bad flora of the external genitals for both sexes. This contributes to the formation of chronic inflammation of the intimate area in both women and men.
  • They form bacteria that are insensitive (resistant) to modern antibiotics.
  • Destroy the surface of the mucous membranes, causing atrophy (thinning). This results in itching, burning, and eventually leads to painful sexual intercourse not only in women but also in men.
  • They contribute to the intimate area allergies to everything from condoms to ordinary cotton underwear!

Other hygiene procedures before sex

  • Cut the nails short (for men);
  • Wash your hands with a liquid detergent (a lumpy one is fine, too);
  • Inform your partner about the genital herpes in the acute stage. Please note that herpes bumps can be completely invisible among the hair of the intimate area, but they are very highly contagious (infectious). In this case, a condom will not protect a healthy partner from infection;
  • Intimate hairstyles (as for me, a neat haircut is enough) are common for partners of both sexes, but here fantasies might be endless. In my opinion, you only need to be careful with piercing. Any injury to the genitals can turn into chronic discomfort in the intimate area!
  • Drinking a glass of clean water without gas or with cranberries after sexual intercourse and emptying the bladder (prevention of postcoital cystitis) is important for both sexes;
  • Wash your genitals with water or intimate hygiene foam after sexual intercourse.

Sex toys

Whether you’re using a sex toy for solo sex or with a partner, it’s important to wash it after each use. Secretions and bacteria can accumulate on toys, so you should wash them regularly.

And I want to remind you that hygiene is part of foreplay. You are preparing and already fantasizing…

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