Women’s Health During the War

War is an extreme stressor. It greatly affects women's health, even if there is no physical danger.

Natalia Silina

The war, which came to every Ukrainian home, also affected every Ukrainian woman. Direct physical violence, threat to life, survival during shelling, life in basements. All these are the realities we faced as a result of Russia’s full-scale aggression in February 2022.

So, the topic of the post is women’s health during the war.

War in Ukraine – How to Take Care of Yourself

The first thing I would ask every woman to do is to find out where the nearest medical facility, paramedic and obstetric center / maternity / antenatal clinic is located nearby. This information is crucial. There is a high probability, thanks to humanitarian supplies, there should be hemostatic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medicines.

Menstrual Disorders

Currently, menstrual disorders are the most common. Menstruation begins suddenly earlier or vice versa – later. Cycle disorders also occur in adolescent girls. Therefore, the information will be useful for mothers of girls.

Bloody vaginal discharge of any amount is called bleeding, but it is crucial to find out the degree of blood loss.

Discharge that “smears” is a variant of the norm in stressful circumstances.

Heavy Menstruation

Heavy menstruation or menorrhagia can occur for many reasons, and extreme conditions are among them. However, if you have to change more than one sanitary product for four or more drops at intervals of less than two hours, it is important to start taking tranexamic acid 1000 mg three times a day. If you are unable to get to a health care facility – take a pregnancy test, if negative – inject one ampule of oxytocin intramuscularly.

If you think that the bloody discharge is more abundant than usual – take tranexamic acid 1000 mg three times a day.

симптоми symptoms war війна война
Menstrual irregularities are a variant of the norm in extreme conditions

Bloody Discharge

It is normal to use a “daily” pad during light bloody discharge that “smears”. However, such discharge can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, so it is important to take a pregnancy test. If it is negative, do not worry at all.

But in case the “smearing” discharge bothers you for more than seven days, I advise you to take tranexamic acid and/or ibuprofen 400mg/200mg three times a day for three to five days.

If the pregnancy test is positive, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Provided that you know that the discharge is similar to your usual menstruation, but it just came earlier or later, then this is a variant of the norm during the war.

You can read about why menstruation disappeared during the war in this article.

Even more information about you, your body and the processes that take place in it – in my course All About You. How it feels to be a woman.

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You can always find your doctor at the Lior Medical Center. In extreme situations, you can count on help and anonymity.

Natalia Silina

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