Why does he refuse using condom? Six most honest reasons.

A properly selected and correctly worn condom is the most reliable mean of contraception. It is not only protection against unwanted pregnancy, but also a guaranteed way to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Why do they avoid it so often?

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If there is such a simple and affordable solution to serious problems as a condom, and everyone knows about it – why then these problems – unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – remain relevant for many couples?

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Studies conducted in different countries show that it is usually the man who is against condom use during sex. The good news is that this phenomenon has a number of logical and convincing explanations. Perhaps they will help you to talk honestly, directly and confidentially with your boyfriend and convince him that condom use is important and sometimes even life-saving for both of you.

Reason 1. Condom causes physical discomfort

This happens because of the mismatch between the size of the condom and the penis. According to a study conducted at Indiana University (USA), which involved 1661 men, the size of the penis is on average 2 cm smaller than the size of a standard condom. In the process of sexual intercourse, the condom rolls down and creates a latex roller at the base of the penis, which inevitably leads to discomfort and even causes pain, pinches blood vessels and prevents blood flow.

Reason 2. Condom causes psychological discomfort

Many men (especially the youngest and most inexperienced) feel uncomfortable with the very need to buy condoms. Especially in the presence of their potential sexual partner at the checkout of a supermarket or pharmacy. The very fact of talking about condoms and the need to buy them, according to such men, disrupts the atmosphere of the date and reduces the level of romance.

Reason 3. Condom causes aesthetic discomfort

Another argument of condom opponents is the violation of the aesthetics of sex. According to them, the presence of a condom spoils the smell, taste, tactile sensations. In addition, in the midst of passion, it is necessary to interrupt the whole process to get and put on a condom. And all the “magic of the moment” is supposedly destroyed.

Reason 4. Sensitivity

One of the most common complaints of men, which you have probably heard: they say that sex with a condom is less sensual and does not allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of skin-to-skin contact. Some of them are even ready to honestly admit that it is more difficult or even impossible for them to achieve orgasm in a condom due to reduced sensitivity of the glans penis. Buy latex-free condoms, for example, made of polyurethane. This type of condom is ultra-thin and has been proven not to reduce sensitivity during sex.

Reason 5. Adrenaline

Some men feel “more masculine” when they can demonstrate their willingness to take risks by having unprotected sex. Unfortunately, this behavior may be one of the manifestations of a morbid addiction to high doses of adrenaline.

Reason 6. Erection

Finally, we came to the most significant and most common reason. According to the results of a study of patients in an American hospital for the treatment of STDs, more than 37% of men lose an erection when putting on a condom, and up to 20% have problems maintaining an erection after the condom is already on.

Another study conducted in 2015 by American and British scientists among heterosexual men aged 18 to 42 years old showed that almost 62% of 479 respondents experienced loss of erection while putting on a condom or during sexual intercourse with it. In other words, many men associate condoms with erectile problems.

That is why men often insist on other contraceptives or on such a risky method as interrupted intercourse, make excuses, talk about reasons 1-5 (see previous 5 points).

You can turn condom selection into a game! If you do not try – you will never know which one suits your partner. Have the most pleasant and useful experiments!

Read this article with your boyfriend, share it with your social media. May your sex always be safe and enjoyable!

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