How does stress affect sex life?

Stress, especially long-term, really harms our health, and sexual life is no exception. How this process takes place and how to help yourself from the harmful effects of stress – further in the article. During the coronavirus period, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) surveyed more than a thousand men and women aged 16 to […]

Cystitis after sex

цистит симптоми symptomy cystitis

Cystitis after sex is a special kind of cystitis. You both may be quite healthy, but after sex you have these unpleasant feelings…

Why does he refuse using condom? Six most honest reasons.

Презерватив, кондом, condom

A properly selected and correctly worn condom is the most reliable mean of contraception. It is not only protection against unwanted pregnancy, but also a guaranteed way to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Why do they avoid it so often?