Threats during pregnancy – pay attention to these symptoms!

симптоми symptoms

Pregnancy is a beautiful period in a woman’s life. But it can be accompanied by conditions that threaten the life and health of both the mother and the child. Therefore, each of us needs to know and recognize them to seek medical help in time.

Pregnancy planning during wartime

Планування вагітності

Many couples were suddenly separated by the war: some of them have moved to another parts of Ukraine or waiting for the victory somewhere abroad, or even they are at home, though their husband is defending the country in the Armed Forces or Military Personnel, or is waiting for mobilization. For all those who are planning their pregnancy – our new article is about.

Coronavirus and pregnancy

коронавірус коронавирус coronavirus

Does the COVID-19 virus threaten the baby inside the mother and during childbirth? Can I breastfeed if I have coronavirus? The doctor, gynecologist, endocrinologist Natalia Silina answers.