7 April is World Health Day

Each year, on the anniversary of its establishment, the WHO brings to light a specific health concern that affects people globally.

Skin rejuvenation – the best and safest methods

старіння aging

Aging is a set of changes in our body, and it’s not just about wrinkles. However, they are the most upsetting, and here medicine, cosmetology and pharmacology compete, offering various options for skin rejuvenation. How to choose an effective and safe one – in the new material.

Time to see a gynecologist – symptoms that cannot be ignored

симптоми symptoms

Regular examinations are a guarantee for a Woman’s health and prevention of dangerous diseases. But extreme conditions make us ignore the symptoms that are not too disturbing. Below are signs that indicate that you definitely need to visit your gynecologist.

Why do vaginal pimples form?

Огляд вульви у дзеркалі

Usually vaginal pimples are not something serious, but they can cause considerable discomfort. We will tell you about the causes of their formation in or around the vagina.