All bad – how to find support and new meanings in life


You’ve been strong for a long time, but at some point you realized that life had finally lost its meaning. The reasons may be different, but if you feel like you have lost your ground, it’s time to take care of yourself.

Why does menstruation disappear during the war?

жіноче здоров'я під час війни. чому зникає менструація

Nobody prepared the modern Ukrainian woman for war. But nature has certain protective mechanisms aimed at preserving the life of an adult woman. Is the disappearance of menstruation or its delay a natural protection or a signal of a serious violation of a woman’s health? Read on and spread it among other Women!

Women’s health during the war


The war, which came to every Ukrainian home, also affected every Ukrainian woman. Direct physical violence, threat to life, survival during shelling, life in basements. All these are the realities we faced as a result of Russia’s full-scale aggression in February 2022. War in Ukraine – what a woman should do The first thing I […]